9 Tips For Making The Switch To Solar

As electricity prices increase, more and more Australians are turnng to solar PV panels to reduce their costs and reliance on the electricity grid.  Here are 9 tips for making the big switch.
1.  Ask for recommendations from people who have already installed solar PV panels.
2.  Look for a manufacturer warrantee of at least 25 years and a solid track record in Australia.
3.  Be careful with cheaper solar systems.  To last for the long term, quality is vital and cutting corners comes at a cost.
4.  Make sure your solar panels are certified by a recognised Australian authority so you can be assured your panels attract any available government rebate.
5.  Technology is quickly changing so choose the right type of panels for your application.  If you have limited roof space, you'll need maximum efficiency, which is more expensive and is delivered by mono-crystalline panels.  Also consider poly-cyrstalline and thin film technologies.
6.  Decide whether to mount panels on your roof, on ground mounts, or on a tracking system.  If the number of panels you can install is limited, a tracking system will maximise the efficiency of your panels.  If you are in a cyclone area, make sure your mounting system is suitable.
7.  Select an efficient inverter.  This is the system that converts the DC output from your panels to useable AC power.  Generic brands may be unreliable.
8.  Make sure you get several quotes to assure you receive a competitive price and a comparison of approaches.
9.  When selecting the size of your system, use past electricity bills to help your advisor determine an adequate specification to meet your consumption.