Local Area

Originally known as "Chinaman's Creek" Albany Creek received its modern name in 1885 as a result of a petition of locals claiming that the area actually had no person or persons that fit the description in the area.  In fact, the areas first recorded settler, James Cash, established his residence in the area in 1849.  The area continued to develop into an agricultural and lumber centre into the 1860's.

Albany Creek was originally established on the intersection of two aboriginal tracks, the main one formed the main route north of Brisbane and is still know as Old Northern Road.

Today Albany Creek is popular with families and younger couples who want a pleasant suburban life not too far from the city.  Albany Creek is a leafy suburb situated west of the prestige Bridgman Downs and east of Eatons Hill - also family oriented areas.  Albany Creek is undergoing development due to the increasing demand for residential facilities and has a population of approximately 20,000.  While most of the residential area is built up of housing, there are well-priced units and townhouses available also.

Albany Creek has one State High School and three State Primary Schools and is a major surburban service centre within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area featuring a library, swimming pool bus interchange and numerous fast food outlets and restaurants.

The median average age of the population of Albany Creek is 38 and 79% of people living in Albany Creek were born in Australia with more than 92% speaking English as their first language.